A guide for leapfrogging towards a water sensitive Bogor, Indonesia

A series of new reports offer a guide for how cities and neighbourhoods in Indonesia can transition to a more sustainable and water sensitive future.

The reports are based on two years of research collaboration between Monash University, Universitas Indonesia and Institut Pertanian Bogor, funded by the Australia-Indonesia Centre with support from the Australian Government.

Together with government teams, industry experts and developers, and community groups, researchers established an ‘Urban Water Learning Alliance’ in Bogor that looked at four contrasting sites and management processes.

Through extensive consultation across the Learning Alliance, researchers were able to gain insights into the water sensitive performance of each neighbourhood, and develop governance and infrastructure pathways to leapfrog Bogor towards more sustainable water practices and urban development.

Water sensitive urban design and development is successfully being adopted internationally (Australia, Singapore and China) to provide beautiful, recreational structures and spaces that protect from flood, provide alternative water sources and treat storm and waste water.

The members of the Alliance will now use the reports to continue transitioning Bogor and it’s neighbourhoods towards a healthier, more liveable and resilient city and regency, leading the way for other Indonesian cities to do the same.

Press Release in English
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Reports and summary factsheets to view/download


Technical reports (full reports in English only)

Leapfrogging pathways for a water sensitive Bogor

Benchmarking Bogor’s Water Sensitive Performance

Governance for a Water Sensitive Transition in Greater Bogor

Review of the application of green infrastructure for water management in Bogor

Guidance on developing infrastructure adaptation scenarios for Bogor’s water sensitive transition

Case study reports

Pulo Geulis: Revitalisation 2045 | Revitalisasi 2045

Griya Katulampa: Pelajaran yang diambil | Lessons learned

Situ Front City: Strategi transisi menuju WSC | Transition strategy to WSC

Sentul City: Lessons learned | Kota Sentul: Pelajaran yang diambil



  • Dr Jane Holden, Urban Water Cluster Manager
  • Dr Dwinanti Maharthy, Cluster co-Lead (UI)
  • Professor Hadi Arifin, Cluster co-Lead (IPB)