Changing lives among the urban poor

“Water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink.” The lament of the Ancient Mariner has clear parallels with the plight of the world’s urban poor, for whom a lack of sanitation and clean water is a matter of life and death. Polluted water, along with inadequate water supply, sanitation and hygiene, causes 80 per cent […]

Bogor and Jakarta floods a wake-up call for water management action

As heavy downpours in Bogor, West Java, threaten deadly and devastating floods in the nation’s capital of Jakarta, Indonesia again confronts the challenges of urban water management. “The causes of damaging flooding are manifold”, says Monash University’s Dr Christian Urich, “including outdated and repurposed drainage infrastructure, rapid urbanisation leading to more sealed surfaces, and climate […]

Sustainable water solutions for Indonesian and Australian cities: recommendations from Greater Jakarta

With increasing urbanisation and effects of climate change, managing water infrastructure – to minimise flooding, support healthy environments, and ensure sanitation and supply requirements are met – is a challenging task. The Greater Jakarta region (Jabodetabek) has an estimated population of more than 10 million people, and could substantially benefit from new technologies for managing its […]

Nature based technologies that stops flooding and cleans up contaminated water

Known as Indonesia’s ‘rain city’, Bogor receives 3,000mm of rain per year. In the Colonial-era, irrigation channels were designed and built to transport runoff to rice fields that encircle Bogor. But with houses now replacing most of the city’s agriculture, the runoff  from heavy rains causes flooding in Bogor, as well as downriver in the nearby metropolis […]

Indonesia’s Presidential Envoy on development versus climate action

Indonesia’s Presidential Envoy for Climate Change, Rachmat Witoelar, visited Melbourne to deliver a Keynote Address at the EcoCity Summit in July 2017. Speaking with Monash University PhD student Wikke Novalia for The Australia-Indonesia Centre, he discussed the implications of climate change around the world and specifically in Indonesia, and how the government is planning to […]

Urban Water cluster researchers awarded $14m for informal settlement revitalisation

The team behind the Australia-Indonesia Centre’s Urban Water research cluster has been awarded AUD $14 million for their projects dedicated to revitalising informal settlements around the globe. Monash University reports that global charitable foundation the Wellcome Trust’s ‘Our Planet, Our Health’ funding program has dedicated $14 million to a program which aims to transform water […]