Indonesia’s domestic flight industry: the impact of a duopoly

Part two: The impact of a duopoly [Read part one: The evolution of Indonesia’s commercial airline industry] Duopolies often lead to higher prices than a more free market would deliver, which can trigger price regulation by government authorities. According to, the potential impact of a duopolistic market structure in Indonesia’s aviation industry was seen some […]

Indonesia’s domestic flight industry: an unstoppable duopoly?

Part one: The evolution of Indonesia’s commercial airline industry Commercial flights were first established in Indonesia, then known as the Dutch East Indies, during the colonial era in the early twentieth century. On the first day of October 1924 KLM’s first intercontinental flight took off, connecting Amsterdam to Jakarta (then known as Batavia), using the […]

After a Holy Land hiccup, IA-CEPA steps up synergy in a fast-transforming region

In late August 2018, during his first week as prime minister, Scott Morrison fulfilled his predecessor’s commitment to visit Indonesia to witness the initialling of the conclusion of negotiations for the Indonesia-Australia Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (IA-CEPA). During the same visit the prime minister and President Joko Widodo also declared a deepening of the bilateral […]

Four key trends and milestones to watch in Indonesia’s economy in 2019

Despite some external pressures resulting from the US – China trade war, declining commodity prices and weakening demand in the global market, the outlook for the Indonesia’s economy in 2019 remains positive. After growing at approximately 5.1 percent last year, the world’s sixteenth largest economy is estimated to continue to grow at 5.1 percent this […]

Partnering for Prosperity in a World of Change

This is an excerpt from Andrew Parker’s keynote address at the Australia Indonesia Business Council Conference 2018 on the Gold Coast, 11 November 2018. The theme “Partnering for prosperity in a world of change” captures the opportunity – and the risks – for Australia and Indonesia. The task for each of us in this room […]

AIBC Conference 2018: Partnering for Prosperity in a World of Change

The AIBC 2018 National Conference will be held at The Marriott Resort and Spa on the Gold Coast, one of Queensland’s premier tourist attractions and entertainment precincts. The Gold Coast is also developing into a high-tech knowledge hub, with a focus on education, health, innovation and the City’s cultural and community life. To see more […]