Internet-based ICT and MSEs attitude towards participating in International Transactions

The main focus of this project is to observe whether or not introduction to internet-based Information and Communication Technology (ICT) changes Micro and Small-sized Enterprises (MSEs) attitudes and perceptions toward participating in international transactions, in particular with Australian counterparts.

Approaches in achieving this focus are as follows:

1) Primary data gathering approach: Field survey randomly visiting households in the Bantul district, Yogyakarta province. There are four main activities:

  • Identification activity: Using both a household and a dwellings approach to identify the existence of an MSE in the selected households.
  • General observation: Using a questionnaire to observe MSEs characteristics and performances over the past 10 years.
  • Specific observation regarding ICT: Using a questionnaire to identify MSEs adoption of internet-based ICT, including smartphones. To also observe the level of use, barriers and drivers.
  • Specific observation regarding international transactions: Using a questionnaire to research MSEs engagement in and perceptions regarding international transactions, in particular toward Australian markets and suppliers.

2) Secondary data gathering approach:  Visiting various agencies in Yogyakarta to collect information on MSEs in Yogyakarta, particularly in the Bantul district.

3) Data analysis approach:  Conducting a microeconometric analysis to reveal the impact of internet-based ICT adaptation on MSEs attitude toward engaging in international transactions, particularly with Australian partners.

4) Dissemination approach: Delivering rite papers on this issue and disseminating them through various workshops, conferences and journal publications.

Project Leads

Professor Budy Resosudarmo

Professor Budy Resosudarmo

Associate Professor, Indonesia Project

Australian National University

Dr Eny Sulistyaningrum

Dr Eny Sulistyaningrum

Deputy Head of Department, Faculty of Economics and Business

Universitas Gadjah Mada