Effective structuring and packaging of funding and financing arrangements for the delivery of infrastructure

The project aimed to identify, diagnose and prioritise future research required to overcome the gaps in current policies, legislation, procedures and processes used for infrastructure delivery in the newly declared special economic zone (SEZ) in the City of Palu, Central Sulawesi, when using public private partnership (PPP) models. Specifically, the efficient structuring and packaging of infrastructure projects necessary to support the outcomes desired for the SEZ is to be evaluated. Foreshadowed infrastructure includes: a water system; a deep harbor port; transport; power generation; improved telecommunications; industrial hubs and societal facilities including hospitals, schools and social urban infrastructure. 

A mixed methodology is adopted to combine theory building through the use of action research on real time procurement of a pilot water supply project in Palu. A synthesis of the existing rich literature held by the chief investigators in economic development/SEZ theory and the use of PPP methods is to be undertaken. This is followed by key stakeholder interviews, the conduct of focus groups to synthesise and develop theory and the process for the application of PPPs in Indonesian SEZs. Through the use of a Delphi style appraisal, using a panel of international experts, the developed theory is tested and refined prior to identifying weakness and opportunities for further enhancement prior to being recommended for adoption. 

The research team was unable to pursue the research further to produce outputs or committed outcomes.