Zannie Langford

AIC Associate Fellow

The University of Queensland


  • Lecturer and Course Coordinator: PLAN7638: Assessment of Development Projects (2019)
  • Tutor: SOCY2020: Sociology of the Environment, ANTH2010: Anthropology of Aboriginal Australia, IBUS2302: Globalisation and business, CRIM1000: Theoretical Criminology, TPP Economics (2016-2019)
  • Research Assistant at the School of Social Science, UQ: Alternative financing for Alternative Food Networks in Australia (2019)
  • Postgraduate studentship at CSIRO Land and Water: Livelihood diversification and enterprise development options for northern Australian Indigenous coastal communities (2019)
  • Placement at the Vanuatu Government Customary Land Management Office: Report on Vanuatu Customary Land Management Policy (2019)
  • Research Project: Developing food markets in Vanuatu: Re-evaluating land and sea barriers to trade (2015-2016)
  • Research Advisor at the Institute for Resource Governance and Social Change, West Timor, Indonesia: Various applied research projects (2015)
  • Research Engineer at the School of Chemical Engineering, UQ and the Australian Institute for Biotechnology and Nanotechnology: Various biodegradable plastics engineering projects, mostly using PHBV (2011-2015)

Research Interests

  • Food markets, land tenure, livelihoods and social change in Vanuatu
  • Financial investment, agriculture and land use in Northern Australia
  • Remote agri-food business development
  • Social science studies of economic systems and practices