Tirta Sutedjo

Deputy Director, Water Supply, Directorate of Urban, Housing and Settlement


Mrs Tirta Sutedjo is Deputi Director for Water Supply in Ministry of National Development Planning (Bappenas). She is responsible for formulating the national policies and plans in the long term, medium term, and annual work plan, coordinating the implementation of the plan, as well as monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the water supply sector development plans. The Government of Indonesia target in the water supply sector is to achieve 100% access to water supply for the community in 2019 and the Sustainable Development Goals in 2030. Urban water supply is one of the Government of Indonesia platform to achieve the goals.

She holds a Masters degree in Water Resources Management from The University of Melbourne, where she studied issues in water resources management and development. Before appointed in her current position, she  was a planner in the Water Resources Management and Irrigation Directorate and has gained experience in the implementation of  Integrated Water Resources Management  (IWRM). As part of the pilot  project  and pioneer of the IWRM implementation in Indonesia, she was involved in the Integrated Citarum Water Resources Management Program. Her passion is in the water sector area and her dream in the future is that Indonesia can optimize water resources to benefit the community, environment, social, and economic development through intersectoral and community based approach.