Radhiyah RH



I completed my bachelor’s degree at the Department of Biology at Hasanuddin University (UNHAS) with a research topic focusing on seagrass blowouts (erosion).

In 2010, I had the opportunity to participate in a program named Student AgroComplex Exchange Program for almost 3 months in Japan. before continuing to master’s level, I worked as a junior researcher at the Marine, Coastal, and Small Island’s Research and Development Center at UNHAS.

At MaCSI RDC, I had the opportunity to be involved in various researches in the marine sector, not only research related to marine ecological and environmental issues, but also on marine social research.

I then continued my master’s degree at the University of Western Australia in 2013. My study was completed in 2014 with a research thesis theme related to the study of carbon stocks in seagrass. After my master’s degree, I underwent a two-year contract as a biology lecturer at Halu Oleo University.

Currently I work as a junior researcher in the PAIR research program. henceforth, based on my educational background and research experiences, I hope to become an expert in the field of marine social-ecologist.