Professor Caroline Chan

Industry Fellow

The Australia-Indonesia Centre

Caroline Chan is a professor of eBusiness and Supply Chain management, and a former Head of School of Business IT and Logistics at RMIT University who led the merger of the School of Business IT and the Logistics department. Caroline has 30 years of experience in education sector including over 8 years as an executive leader. She has led learning and teaching innovation, curriculum and programs development, and online learning initiatives.

Caroline is passionate about education and industry partnerships, developing young talents and is very much involved in the discipline and profession of ICT. She undertakes research in the area of information systems, e-business and supply chain management, particularly in the use of standards, technologies and skills and training. She published her works in academic journals and regularly presents in academic and industry forum and conferences.

Caroline led a number of national and international, high impact projects including the Indonesia’s logistics skills and training, Australian qualification recognition, the development of Australian Food Composition Database, Australian online shopping activities and parcel processing, and the World Bank review of logistics program in Moscow.

Caroline currently serves as the president of the Australian Council of Professors and Heads of Information Systems (ACPHIS), the Chair of Australian Computer Society (ACS) Accreditation Committee and member of the ACS Profession Academic Board, member of International Transport Research Board (TRB) and representing Victoria in the Board of Australian Consortium for ‘In-Country’ Indonesian Studies (ACICIS).

Professor Chan received her education in Indonesia and Australia, and holds a bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering (Petra), a masters in Systems Engineering (RMIT) and a PhD in Information Systems (Deakin).

Prior to joining the Australia-Indonesia Centre as a Fellow, Professor Chan was principal investigator in the Centre’s study of the recognition of various Australian tertiary qualifications in Indonesia.