Professor Abimanyu T Alamsyah

Lecturer, Faculty of Enginering

Universitas Indonesia

Lecturer of Department of Architecture Faculty of Enginering, University of Indonesia, He was honored a Professor in 2009, specializes in Coastal Architecture. His teachings are mostly related to Housing and Architecture on the Coastal Area in many specifications such as its Sustainability, City, and Area Development, and also Architecture, Building and Environment Development. Very curious in learning something new, he believes that knowledge will continue to change dynamically. Therefore he always tends to discover the new wisdom without expecting something extraordinary.

He S1 graduated in Architecture, Faculty Engineering University of Indonesia (FTUI) in 1975 and had opportunity to study Diploma in Development Planning (Dip.DP), Development Planning Unit,  School for Environmental Studies, University College London, United Kingdom. He earned his Master of Science (in major – Regional and Rural Development), Bogor Agriculture Institute (IPB), Bogor, Indonesia. And then, he earned his doctorate degree in faculty of Environmental Science UI, in 2006.

Besides being a lecturer in Department of Architecture UI, he actives as reviewer for Research Grant Directorate of Research and Development Community University of Indonesia (DRPM UI).  He served as Head of Department of Architecture FTUI in 1992-1996.  Elected as director of CSURD (Center for Sustainable Urban and Regional Development) – Indonesia office,  study center with University of Indonesia, CSIRO, and Melbourne University, Australia.  He also actives as member of Climate Change and Environmental Conservation Cluster, Directorate of Education (DIKTI), Ministry of Education RI. Member of Association of environmental scholars (PERWAKU), member of Association of Indonesian Coastal Management Expert (HAPPI) and Architects Association of Indonesia (IAI).

He has written and published over one hundred scientific articles from 1975 to 2011. His newest publication entitled A long way to improve community resilience inan archipelagic country which he presented in the Symposium Program From Post-Disaster Reconstruction To the Creation of Resilient Societies in December 2011 at Keio University, Tokyo.