Pratiwi Hamdhana

Founder and Managing Director



Tiwi is the founder and managing director of Tenoon, a social enterprise that empowers women and persons with disabilities through traditional woven fabric-based goods production and various projects.

She finished her master programme at the University of Warwick majoring in innovation and entrepreneurship (2016-2018).

Born and raised in South Sulawesi encourages her to do more about her hometown and east Indonesia especially. When she did a one-year voluntary program (2015-2016) in West Papua as a youth facilitator and a teacher, she learned that economics is one of the fastest ways to empower society; hence Tenoon was born.

Other than Tenoon, Tiwi is also running several businesses in different industries (hospitality, tourism, and F&B) and empowering Gojek drivers as her role in Driver Engagement at Gojek Makassar.