Muhammad Sani Azis

Regional Coordinator (South Sulawesi)

Indonesian Seaweed Association (ARLI)

Sani Aziz is the Regional Coordinator of ARLI (Indonesian Seaweed Association) in South Sulawesi where he has been a member since 1994. He founded and ran CV Persada Semesta, which focuses on the procurement of seaweed as raw materials for domestic and international export, and pioneered the delivery of seaweed cultivation in the Biak coastal community to the Port of Surabaya in 1993. In addition to managing his seaweed business, Sani Azis also formed a seaweed farmers group in Sidomulyo village, East Java, as an alternative to the livelihoods of fishermen after the earthquake and tsunami in the South Coast areas of East Java in 1995. He also established a seaweed tourism education area in Lakatong village, Takalar district, South Sulawesi in 2018.

Sani Azis established a broadcasting television program and private station (MAKASSAR-TV) in Makassar, 2003 – 2011, and served as Executive Director of the national television broadcasting, KOMPAS-TV Makassar, in 2011-2017.