Dr Wahyudi Agustiono

Associate Professor

Universitas Trunojoyo

Wahyudi is an associate professor at University of Trunojoyo Madura. His research interest is on how ICT can be designed and implemented in various field such as SMEs, women empowerment, environment and public sector especially government to provide transparency and fight corruption. The other area, he has researched the implementation of ICT in agriculture sector and published his experiments in the academic forums or conferences as well as scientific journals. As a lecturer, he has thought a number of subjects including e-commerce, digital forensic, and Agro-informatics.

Wahyudi has also initiated community engagement project. These included the development of mobile app to assist corn farmers in pest control and monitoring, called MyCorn, funded by Australian Alumni Grant Scheme (AGS) 2018. And more recently he has received AGS 2019 follow up grant to scale up MyCorn for performing integrated multiple crop monitoring and protection called MyPaJaLe stand for My Padi Jagung Kedele .