Dr Sebastiaan van Doorn

Industry Fellow

The Australia-Indonesia Centre

Sebastiaan van Doorn (Wahroonga, 1980) is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Western Australia specialized in digital innovation, entrepreneurship and corporate governance. Sebastiaan has published in Organization Studies, Journal of Product Innovation Management, Human Resource Management, Journal of Business Ethics, Long Range Planning and the Journal of Management Control. Most of his work centres around the role of senior and middle managers in innovation processes with special consideration for digital and automated business solutions.

Indonesia provides for rich contextual grounds for researching digital innovation. Indonesia is fast gearing up to become a leader in digital innovation development and adoption. It cleverly utilizes advances in digital technologies to fuel macro-economic growth while equally considering its virtues for empowering younger generations, for instance by signalling the use of digital innovation in start-up processes. Currently Sebastiaan is involved in several ongoing projects in Indonesia, e.g. in the emerging Fintech sector as well as a cross-industry study on digital innovation in incumbent family firms. These projects are joint collaborations between UWA and The University of Indonesia.