Dr Scott Waldron

AIC Senior Fellow

The University of Queensland

Scott grew up on a cattle property in western Queensland, has degrees in international business and Asian studies and a PhD in agricultural economics.  At UQ he has conducted 25 agricultural development projects in China, Southeast Asia and the Pacific.  He has worked in a wide range of agricultural systems and mostly on ruminant livestock.  His role in the projects is to improve farm incomes, value chain functioning, policy settings and rural development outcomes.  Scott has published nine scholarly books, more than 50 peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters, and numerous reports.  In addition to an Honours degree in Asian Studies, Scott studied Chinese in China for three years, graduated from the Nanjing-Hopkins Centre for Chinese and American Studies, and speaks fluent Chinese.  His countries of focus include: China especially Western China; Southeast Asia especially Indonesia and East Timor; the Pacific especially Vanuatu.

Scott’s areas of interest include agricultural research methodologies – farm management, value chain analysis, policy analysis, participatory and action research – and international agricultural development – macro developments in demographics, food supply and human development; micro developments in farm intensification, commercialisation and technological change.