Dr Reni Suwarso

AIC Senior Fellow

Universitas Indonesia

Reni Suwarso has been a faculty member at the Department of Political Science, University of Indonesia (UI) in Jakarta since 1992. She is now head of Democracy and Citizenship Research Cluster UI (2019-2020) and head of Urban Water Research Cluster UI, responsible of Water Governance (2017-2020). Besides this, she is also director of Institute for Democracy, Defence and Strategic Issues. Previously, she was Director of Centre for Elections and Political Party UI (2014-2018).

For her doctoral thesis at Victoria University in Melbourne she worked on a project called ‘Indonesian Democracy: The Impact of Electoral Systems on Political Parties, 1955-2009’. Prior to that she did her masters at the University of Sydney where she published ‘Indonesia under the Wahid Government: Consultative Democracy?’ and also her bachelor at UI.