Dr Raul Marino

Research Fellow

Monash University

Dr Raul Marino is Research Fellow in Monash University for the Australian Indonesian Centre, Urban Water Cluster.

Raul earned his PhD from the Melbourne School of Design (MSD) at the University of Melbourne, Australia in Urban Sustainability.  He also earned his Master of Advanced Studies in Urban Design at the ETH University in Zurich, Switzerland on a Swiss Government Scholarship.  His doctorate research was co-sponsored by CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organization).

Prior to joining AIC, Raul have participated in international development and cooperation teams with the governments of Japan, Sweden and Ethiopia, in topics related with Integrated Urban Planning and sustainable urbanization.   Also, he had academic positions as Assistant Professor at Universidad de La Salle (Colombia) and invited lecturer at TU Wien (Austria). He have collaborated in research related with Urban Vulnerability with the MSD (Australia) and worked as Urban Consultant for Informal Settlement Upgrading projects in Colombia, Brazil and Ethiopia.