Dr Kim-Yen Phan-Thien

Lecturer, School of Life and Environmental Sciences

The University of Sydney

Dr Kim Phan-Thien graduated with a BScAgr (Hons) from the University of Sydney in 2002. She subsequently worked for on a range of research projects including: field trials of an ethylene inhibitor at Valent BioSciences; an ACIAR project on ‘Postharvest handling and disease control in melons in China and Australia’ for a year in far-west China; and an ACIAR project on ‘Reducing aflatoxin in peanuts using agronomic management and bio-control strategies in Indonesia and Australia’ for two years in East Java.

Kim returned to Australia in 2007 and completed a PhD in Food Science Technology on ‘Development of functional food traits in peanuts’. She currently coordinates the Food and Agribusiness program at the University of Sydney and undertakes research on food quality and safety in the Sydney Institute of Agriculture .