Dr Christian Urich

Research Fellow

Monash University

Dr Urich’s research explores the dynamics of integrated urban systems and their linkages between the city, its water infrastructure and socio-economic systems. In particular, his research focuses on how these dynamics and feedbacks can be modelled in an integrated way to explore scenarios for sustainable and robust adaptation strategies.

Christian is part of the Australian Government’s Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities and the Monash Water for Liveability Centre, working in close collaboration with economists, urban designers and social scientists. Christian is leading interdisciplinary work to develop decision support and benchmarking tools that integrate the biophysical, social and economic dimensions of a city’s integrated urban water system to inform adaptive policy planning.

Christian’s PhD research on “Modelling the coevolution of cities and their infrastructure” was undertaken at Innsbruck University and contributed to the EU-FP7 project “PREPARED: Enabling Change”. His publication on “Modelling cities and water infrastructure dynamics” has recently been awarded the Trevithick Fund prize for best paper published in an international scientific journal ICE – Engineering Sustainability.