Dr Ariane Utomo

AIC Rapid Research Participant

The University of Melbourne

Dr Ariane Utomo is a social demographer, working in the field of marriage and family in Indonesia.

Ariane’s overarching research interest is to examine the relationship between family change and four dimensions of social change in contemporary Indonesia: globalisation, economic development, demographic transition, and democratisation following the political reforms of 1998.

Her research and teaching activities are centred on how social change are reflected in attitudes to gender roles, school to work transition, women’s employment, changing marriage patterns, and the nature of social stratification in Indonesia. Drawing upon data from the Indonesian Census series, Ariane’s current work focuses on how changing patterns in marriage pairing relate to the broader contexts of development and social change. Ariane holds a PhD in Demography (2008) from the Australian National University. Prior to joining the University of Melbourne, Ariane was a Research Fellow at the Australian Demographic and Social Research Institute – ANU, and the ANU Crawford School of Public Policy.