Associate Professor Greg Fealy

Senior Fellow, Indonesian Politics, ANU College of Asia and the Pacific

Australian National University

Associate Professor Greg Fealy is a Senior Fellow in Indonesian Politics at the Department of Political and Social Change, Bell School of Asia-Pacific Affairs, ANU College of Asia and the Pacific.

He has focused on Indonesian politics and Islam throughout his academic and professional career. His PhD centred around the traditionalist Muslim party, Nahdlatul Ulama and he has since published countless papers on terrorism, transnational Islamist movements and religious commodification in Indonesia, as well as broader trends in contemporary Islamic politics in Southeast Asia.

His former appointments include Head of the Department of Political and Social Change, ANU; Chair of the Australia-Indonesia Institute within the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Director of the Partnership in Islamic Education Scholarships (PIES) Program; Visiting Professor in Indonesian Politics at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, Washington DC; Indonesia analyst with the Australian Government; and consultant on Indonesian civil society, election and Islamic education programs.