A/Prof Tengku Ezni Balqiah

AIC Rapid Research Participant

Universitas Indonesia

Tengku Ezni Balqiah is a Senior Consultant at the Management Institute for the Faculty of Economy and Business at Universitas Indonesia (UI).

She has a doctorate in marketing from UI, with her dissertation focusing on the synergy between marketing and shareholders. Her masters degree was in the field of marketing and economic law at UI. Besides being a consultant, she is also a Senior Lecturer in the Economics Faculty at UI.

Tengku is active in international workshops and conferences, including those run by the American Marketing Association, the Australian New Zealand Marketing Academy, the Indonesian Strategic Management Society and the European Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Tengku is the Editor in Chief at the ASEAN Marketing Journal, published by the Faculty of Economy and business at UI, and on the Editorial Advisory Board for the Journal of Islamic Marketing.