Infrastructure Investment in Indonesia: A Focus on Ports

“Infrastructure Investment in Indonesia: A Focus on Ports”, a 12-chapter research monograph, has been published as the final output for AIC Strategic Research Project 3 – ‘Efficient Facilitation of Major Infrastructure Projects’. The book represents over 3 years of AIC Infrastructure research (2016-2019) by an international team from Universitas Indonesia (UI), Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM), […]

The secret life of concrete, revealed

To assess human health and internal organs doctors routinely conduct diagnostic testing such as ultrasounds and x-rays. In a similar way, non-destructive testing (NDT) is conducted to assess the structural health of infrastructure such as bridges, tunnels and airports. The alternative, destructive testing – i.e. loading to breaking point – can be employed to assess […]

Port-road-rail connectivity – finding the path of least resistance

For a nation of 17,000 islands, ports are essential to the delivery of goods to over 260 million people.   Researchers from Monash University and Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember are using big data to simulate how transport flows in order to offer better models of distribution. Surabaya port Terminal Teluk Lamong in East Java is […]

Infrastructure conference brings it all together in Surabaya

The AIC Infrastructure conference has concluded in Surabaya. The two-day event on 8 and 9 May was a great success, bringing our research teams face to face with government and industry representatives to discuss applications and future opportunities for their many collaborative projects. Representatives of all five university partners of The Australia-Indonesia Centre Infrastructure Cluster […]

How can we more efficiently connect ports, rail and roads

Dr Wira Redi explains the Australia-Indonesia Centre research project he is involved in. The project is investigating what combination of road and rail can shift the most container loads in and out of ports, and keep local traffic flowing. Dr Redi is a research fellow with the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Monash […]

Using non-destructive testing to monitor concrete infrastructure

Between the moments when concrete starts to degrade and when the degradation becomes visible, the cost of repairs increases enormously. Our researchers, led by Dr Massoud Sofi, a research fellow at the Department of Infrastructure Engineering at The University of Melbourne, have developed a diagnostic testing method capable of determining the state and rate of degradation in […]

Using fibre optic sensors to monitor potential infrastructure failure

Dr Leslie Wong of Monash University explains his Australia-Indonesia Centre Infrastructure research. The AIC team, led by Professor Jayantha Kodikara of Monash University, with the support of Dr Hera Widyastuti of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, is using fibre optic sensors to more efficiently monitor various potential failures in large-scale infrastructure such as bridges, tunnels, dams, […]

Monitoring bridges, roads and pipelines with fibre optics

A new fibre optic sensor prototype will help to monitor the structural health of billions of dollars’ worth of infrastructure, reducing repair bills and minimising potentially catastrophic failures. Road, bridge and pipeline infrastructure is vulnerable to flooding, soil erosion, and even ground shifts due to earthquakes. Some water and gas pipelines in Australia are over […]

Ports workshop dinner brings countries, sectors together

The Port Competitiveness and Financing Workshop was held in Melbourne from 4 to 6 April, 2018, as part of the Australia-Indonesia Centre’s Infrastructure research project ‘Efficient Facilitation of Major Infrastructure Projects’. Dr Felix Hui and Professor Colin Duffield of The Department of Infrastructure Engineering at The University of Melbourne coordinated the workshop, which included a […]

Addressing the ‘macet’ problem of Jakarta

There are several words and phrases a visitor to Indonesia should learn. These include – Apa kabar? How are you? and Terima kasih Thank you. In Jakarta, the visitor will also quickly learn the word macet – traffic jam. I have yet to find a clear calculation of the cost of macet to the economy […]