Research Reports

The Centre publishes overviews of its research projects. A broad overview of all research up to the end of 2015 can be found in the Research Report 2015. Individual cluster brochures can be found below. The results of 2014’s Australia-Indonesia Research Summit have been collated into foresighting reports.

Download using the links below or click images to view in browser.

Research Report 2015 (2.7mb PDF)

Research Clusters





View more details about the Foresighting project here.

Social and Industry Research Reports

The Centre embarks on social and economic research projects with partner organisations to reveal insights into the relationship between Australia and Indonesia. Download using the links below or click images to view in browser.


View more details about Insights studies here.


Government and Policy Stream–Germany-Joint-Research-Cooperation-Scheme#.V7Ke9Pl97RY

Research Higher Degree Stream

Health Stream

Urban Water Stream

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Energy Stream