Keeping Cigarettes out of Small Hands / Menjauhkan Rokok dari Tangan-Tangan Kecil

English A collaboration of researchers from The University of Sydney, Universitas Udayana in Bali and Universitas Airlangga in Banyuwangi, funded by The Australia-Indonesia Centre Health Cluster, mapped cigarette retailers and conducted an audit of their tobacco advertising and promotion right across Denpasar, Bali, between October 2017 and March 2018. On 26 April 2018 they shared […]

Tobacco company in Indonesia skirts regulation, uses music concerts and social media for marketing

Putu Ayu Swandewi Astuti, University of Sydney dan Becky Freeman, University of Sydney In the era of selfies, “likes,” and #hashtags, the tobacco industry has adapted its marketing strategies and embraced social media to promote its addictive and deadly products to a young and online-savvy audience. In Australia, tough government regulations have stopped tobacco companies […]

Protecting young Indonesian hearts from tobacco

The world’s second-largest market for tobacco after China, Indonesia is home to 100 million smokers. Smoking kills more than 200,000 Indonesians a year. The death threat also looms over its young generation. A fifth of Indonesians between 13 and 15 years old smoke, the highest rate in the region. The government needs to stop the […]

Keeping cigarettes out of small hands in Bali

Evidence shows that smoking uptake by young people is closely correlated with the density of cigarette retailers around their homes and schools. Cigarette advertisements and promotion at the retail point of sale also contributes to smoking uptake by young people, and hampers efforts to quit by adults. A collaboration of researchers from The University of […]