“Little did I know initiating the bill was only 5% of the process”: Waiting in vain for follow-up on Indonesia’s Mental Health Law

Dr Nova Riyanti Yusuf is a Member of Parliament (2009-2014, 2018-2019), a psychiatrist, and the head of the Jakarta Psychiatric Association. She recently attended AIC Health’s mental health roundtable in Jakarta, and kindly agreed to reflect on her experiences as a lawmaker and mental health advocate.   I didn’t expect to be left ‘waiting in […]

Roundtable feeds building momentum for better mental health and wellbeing in Indonesia

With global attention on mental health in October, a diverse group of individuals all focused on improving the mental health of Indonesia’s young people came together in Jakarta recently, and exciting opportunities for stronger advocacy emerged. A roundtable around mental health data needs for Indonesian adolescents was hosted by the Health Cluster of the Australia-Indonesia Centre […]