Close evaluation aims to extend farmer health program, sprout more like it

For six months in 2019 the AIC’s Village Livelihood Program (VLP) trained volunteers to support improved health and agricultural outcomes in their home villages in West Sulawesi. Heads of the four participating villages have agreed that if this pilot program proves successful they will fund and support its continuation for 2020. Evaluation and analysis of […]

Extra support for West Sulawesi farmer health program

An AIC project that trains volunteers to monitor and report outbreaks of disease in villages, and promote better agricultural practice, has been expanded using left over funds. It will now also provide ongoing monitoring and support for the program’s village-based volunteers. The Village Livelihood Program in West Sulawesi has two aims: to improve health security, […]

The importance of health for farming, and of diverse expertise for understanding

Researchers looking at cocoa farming practices in Sulawesi have delivered an impressive range of findings to diverse local audiences, based on a 2016-2018 study of food and agriculture that also evaluated community health and economics.   The Australia-Indonesia Centre project looked at the ‘Sustainability and profitability of cocoa-based farming in Sulawesi’ and brought together researchers […]