Research: Benchmarking Workshops, Bogor

  • Date:November 27, 2017 - November 29, 2017
  • Location:IPB Darmaga

The purpose of the workshop was to benchmark our case study areas (metropolitan Bogor, Cibinong, Sentul City) against a range Water Sensitive City indicators. These assessments serve as a baseline assessment of where Bogor sits on its journey to becoming a Water Sensitive City and the starting point for developing a strategic leapfrogging plan.


1) A detailed understanding of metropolitan Bogor’s, Cibinong’s and Sentul City’s strengths, challenges and priorities for leapfrogging towards a water sensitive city state.

2) A shared understanding of water sensitive city goals as the basis for future collaboration and leapfrogging initiatives.

The workshop involved participants from different stakeholder groups participating in a facilitated dialogue in which all participants share their views on water management issues in a collaborative process. This dialogue was structured around the 7 Water Sensitive City goals, each of them containing a suit of indicators that cover a range of social (e.g. good governance) to technical (e.g. adaptive infrastructure) elements. Participants rated each indicator via a live polling tool and discussed the ratings as a group until, with the help of the workshop facilitators, shared agreement on a final score was reached.