The International Conference and Cultural Event of Aceh 2016

  • Date:September 26, 2016 - September 28, 2016
  • Location:Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music, Monash University Clayton view map

In September 2016, Monash University Clayton hosts the International Conference and Cultural Event of Aceh 2016.

The Conference will address Aceh’s achievements and critically important issues for the future of Aceh. Invited addresses and other papers on the issues, history, arts, and culture will be presented by some of the leading thinkers on Aceh and the region. Australian and Indonesian citizens, academics, students, journalists, and members of Acehnese communities in Australia will engage in frank discussions of the issues and possible resolutions to them in Aceh itself.

Concert and Exhibition: A Concert Piyasan Aceh (“Rejoicing in the Arts of Aceh”) will be presented during the conference by Syiah Kuala University’s Centre for the Arts, featuring music and dances of the Acehnese, Gayo and Malay-Acehnese traditions. It will include the masterseudati song-dance leader Hasan Basri from Aceh’s west coast, the master sikambang singer Anhar Sitanggang from Aceh’s Banyak Archipelago, the saman Gayo song dance and other traditional performances.

The Exhibition Keuneubah Indatu (“Aceh’s Cultural Heritage”) of musical instruments, textiles, wedding ornaments, costumes, miniature houses and other material arts of Aceh will be presented in the Foyer of the Music Auditorium, Performing Arts Building 68.

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