Indonesia’s New Ministers: what people are saying

Ministers in the newly-announced Indonesian cabinet will face not only the challenge of managing their portfolios; they will also have to face Indonesian civil society and media which are now highly empowered and have found many channels to voice their opinions and demands. Here, you will be able to read a selection of what people […]

The AIC congratulates all new ministers

The Australia-Indonesia Centre (AIC) congratulates all new ministers in President Joko Widodo’s first administration. We wish them well as they use their individual and collective wisdom to guide Indonesia towards growth, prosperity and equality. The lineup of experience is impressive. Of special note is the appointment of Ibu Retno Marsudi as the first female Foreign […]

Consolidation of Capital the Key for Jokowi’s Government

That Jokowi is a good man is not in dispute.  Even his rival Prabowo does not contest this point.  The question is whether Jokowi will be a good president. As it was with his predecessor this turns on two axis: his personal capacity for top-level leadership and the composition of his cabinet team.  The first […]