Pemilu 2019 di dua negara bertetanggaTwo neighbours go to the polls

Baca artikel ini dalam Bahasa Indonesia Read this article in English Pemilu 2019 di dua negara bertetangga Australia dan Indonesia tahun ini menyelenggarakan pemilu yang hanya berlangsung selama satu bulan, hasilnya Perdana Menteri petahana Scott Morrison (ScoMo) dan Presiden petahana Joko Widodo (Jokowi) terpilih kembali. Koalisi pendukung mereka, Koalisi Liberal-Nasional pendukung ScoMo dan koalisi yang […]

Indonesia Votes 2019: President Jokowi set to win second term

President Joko Widodo looks set to win a second term after quick count results point to an 8-10 point victory over his challenger Prabowo Subianto. The first point of note is that all of the respected polls indicate that the President has been returned with a slight increase in support. Across the regions, results vary. […]

Indonesia votes 2019: The last shout

This final debate saw both presidential and vice-presidential candidates cover matters related to the economy, social welfare, finance and investment, and trade and industry. The format provided an opportunity for both sides to press home key themes of their campaign and to take final digs at perceived weaknesses of the other side. Opening statements Jokowi […]

Indonesia votes 2019: Election rituals

Every nation develops its own special election rituals. In Australia there is the almost church-like reverence as votes are counted in schoolrooms across the nation with eagle-eyed party scrutineers watching carefully to ensure their candidates do not lose a vote. Over the past couple of decades there has also been Antony Green’s cheerful face on […]

Indonesia votes 2019: Fourth debate pits Jokowi the Optimist against Prabowo the Nostalgic

The themes for this fourth and second-last debate were national ideology, governance, defence and security, and foreign policy. The debate, on 30 March, featured only the two presidential candidates. National ideology Candidates were asked how they would affirm the national philosophy of Pancasila without resorting to indoctrination.* Prabowo began by noting that Pancasila was the […]

Indonesia votes 2019: Vice-presidential hopefuls play a straight bat in third debate

The debate between the vice-presidential candidates was conducted on Sunday 17 March. The debate featured KH Ma’ruf Amin, the 76-year-old running mate of incumbent President Joko Widodo, and Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno the youthful 49-year-old running mate of challenger Prabowo Subianto. Other differences between the two candidates are also clear. Sandi presents as the energetic and […]

Indonesia Votes 2019: The second debate – of flying unicorns and bio-fueled isolationism

The second presidential debate was held on Sunday night (17 February) featuring just the two presidential candidates, President Jokowi and Prabowo Subianto. The themes of the debate included infrastructure, energy, natural resources, basic foodstuffs, and environment. Unlike the first debate, which was quite “narrated” by the moderators, this time the questions were unknown to the […]

Indonesia Votes 2019: Presidential debate season kicks off

With exactly three months to go before polling day in Indonesia, the first of five debates between contending presidential teams took place on Thursday 17th January evening. The concept of candidate debates in Indonesia has been an evolving but growing part of the electoral process since early in the Reformasi era. Cynics have developed a […]

ANU Indonesia Update Recap: Indonesian politics in 2018

To read this piece it’s important to first remember that Indonesia is a democracy. In fact, it is the world’s third largest democracy. This point has to be made clear because more than 70% of Australians do not agree that Indonesia is a democracy, as shown in a recent Lowy Institute Poll. It matters because […]

Guide to the 2019 Indonesian elections: A little psephology

On Wed 17 April 2019, 190 million Indonesian voters will set off to the polls to elect their President and Vice-President. On this day they will also elect 136 members of the national Regions House, a kind of weak Senate, together with 575 members of the powerful House of Representatives. In addition they will elect […]