The Australia-Indonesia Centre is seeking stories of innovative, collaborative research

The Australia-Indonesia Centre is seeking stories of innovative and exciting research between the two nations to share online and publish.

The Centre has commissioned a collection of short innovation stories about research in and by Australians and Indonesians. We aim to feature high profile projects such as Eliminate Dengue, rotavirus vaccine trials, and the discovery of Flores man, but we also want to hear about smaller projects that have improved farming, energy availability, or sustainability for remote communities. The Centre is also interested in work in the social sciences, arts and civil society, as long as there’s innovation and a research component.

The first batch of stories will be published online in August with the full collection published later in the year, celebrating the initiatives that are addressing the challenges of today and the future. If you or someone you know is working in collaborative research between Australia and Indonesia, the Centre wants to know about it.

All we need is a story lead – one line about the project and the organisations involved. A web link, background information and a photo are all welcome but not needed. Our partners at Science In Public will be collating the stories.

Please email Niall Byrne at with your suggestions, mentioning Indonesia in the subject line.