Shifting Cultural Perceptions and Attitudes Through Sports Diplomacy

This projects aims to promote Australia-Indonesia civil relations through sport diplomacy by introducing an AFL 9s program across four schools in Bali.

The project aim will implement a preliminary study following the implementation of a successful pilot in Bulukumba, South Sulawesi.

The preliminary study will introduce the AFL 9s program in four high schools from January 1st until February 28th 2018.  SMAN 1 Denpasar, Bali has already agreed to have the program implemented during that timeframe. Three additional High Schools in Bali will be confirmed throughout early 2017.

Our goal is to have the program implemented at a diverse range of schools increasing the generalisability of our researchers findings.

While undertaking our AFL 9s program we will be utilising ethnographic, quantitative and qualitative research methods in order to demonstrate that sports diplomacy is able to create a positive learning experience while simultaneously representing positive aspects of Australian culture.

Project Leads

Professor Tim Lindsey

Professor Tim Lindsey

Redman Barry Distinguished Professor, Indonesian Law

The University of Melbourne

Hari Fitrianto

Hari Fitrianto

Lecturer, Faculty of Social and Political Science

Universitas Indonesia